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1 Simple SEO Trick to Rank Higher on Amazon

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Amazon Search Engine Optimization Hack to Help You Rank Higher on Amazon and Google
How to rank your products higher on Amazon? Here's one little trick.

Are you trying to crack the code of Amazon tracking, Amazon best sellers rank, and all that jazz? Then you'll be amazed to find out there's an unbelievably simple and fast alternative to the intricate SEO rituals. Trust me, even some of the best Amazon SEO services out there might have missed this one.

Now keep your eyes peeled because this "small" secret that can make a huge difference between an AMAZON SALE and NO SALE.

If you're trying to write your Amazon listings

If you're looking for hacks to rank higher on Amazon AND...wait for it.... Google (yes!)

If you don't have enough time to dive into the sea of SEO tools out there...

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of getting your products ranking sky-high with this simple hack.

Although it's not a 100% guarantee that it will automatically get you among the amazon best sellers, it's a SUPER important fine-tuning detail that often gets overlooked.


First: what's an Amazon Canonical URL?

The Amazon Canonical URL is the master URL assigned by Amazon to every new product listing. It looks like this:

Therefore, the structure would follow this pattern:

Note: If a URL looks like this: then it's not a canonical one.

Mind-blowing: sometimes the link in your browser might not be the canonical one, so in order to get the "real deal" (the REAL canonical URL), right-click on the product page and choose "View Page Source" as below:

You'll be seeing this:

On this page, simply CTRL + F to find the word "canonical".

What follows it is the REAL canonical URL we're interested in.

Good. Let's move on:

2. WHY does this URL matter?

Very simple. Because:

1. if you want your Amazon listing to get a great ranking on Google, that's the link Google uses to index your product page:

2. The URL and the Product Listing Title are the most relevant for the Amazon keyword ranking algorithm (the one that pushes your products up or down the Amazon search results list).

3. What's in an Amazon product link?

Let's focus on the 5 words that really matter (the ones highlighted in the screenshot below): WearMe-Pro-Colorful-Transparent-Sunglasses. Amazon picks them from your initial product title.

The bad news: Once you publish the listing, this URL cannot be changed. You're stuck with it forever and ever.


The good news: You can get Amazon to only use the highest-ranking search terms when compiling your URL.


Again, very simple: when setting up the listing, just do your research and figure out which are the best (most relevant and searched) 5 keywords you want to target.

Remember. You only do this once. So give it your best shot!

NOW, this is the moment we've been waiting for:

When publishing the listing for the first time, use just these 5 extremely-relevant words. Nothing else. Amazon will have no other option but to use all of them when assigning your canonical URL.

After a while, if you're really determined to take your Amazon listing optimization to the next level, upgrade your listing's Title with as many long-tail and short-tail keywords as possible, until reaching the official character limit (currently 200 characters for most products).

Pretty neat, right?

Let us know if it worked!


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