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How to Improve the Amazon Sales Rank?

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR), Amazon Sales Rank (ASR), or simply Amazon BSR is the score assigned by Amazon to every product listed on their eCommerce platform. It fluctuates hourly and it's based on sales volume (current and historical) relative to all other products listed in the same product category by your competitors.

Explode your Sales Rank
Boost your Amazon Sales Rank

Amazon's sales rank is a crucial factor that keeps on giving: more sales mean higher visibility and a better ranking means more sales. Sales velocity is another great factor because the more you sell, the higher you will rank on Amazon (meaning the lower your product's BSR - for instance, a product ranked #2 in one category has much higher sales volumes than one ranked #500,000 in the same niche category). Here's how the BSR looks like (scroll down to the bottom of your product page to see it):

Rank as high as possible in more than one Product Category
Where to spot the Amazon Ranking on a Product Page

Organic Ranking vs. Amazon Best Sellers Rank

While BSR shows how well a product ranks based on sales volume, the organic ranking reflects a product's performance for a given keyword. In other words, organic ranking is where a product is displayed on Amazon’s search engine results pages (SERP) for a given keyword and it's based on the product's relevance for the keywords used in searches by Amazon shoppers.

What’s a Good Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

BSR’s value is usually somewhere between 1 and 1 million. A great Amazon Sales Rank is from #1 to #3, which puts you in the top 3 results for a specific product category. Given the fact that many buyers never reach the second page of Amazon search results and usually pick the first page's products shows that you face a 90% chance of them buying yours. Always remember the lower your BSR number, the higher your rank.

How to Estimate Sales by Using Amazon BSR?

There's an Amazon Sales Rank Estimator designed by SellerApp to indicate Amazon sales just by 1. picking an Amazon base category and 2. entering the sales rank of a product. It's a free tool and you can check it out here: Amazon Sales Estimator.

How can I Boost my Best Sellers Rank on Amazon?

As an Amazon seller, your success and Amazon’s success are interconnected. BSR is also a "vanity metric" that indicates how well a product is currently selling on Amazon. Yet, there are some things you can do to enhance it:

🔵 Run promotions. There are 3 main promotion types you can offer:

1. Buy One Get One (BOGO): a BOGO offer can be based on quantity (“Buy Two Get One Free”), the amount spent, or anything like “Spend $50 On Knitted Socks, Get Another Pair Free!”

2. Free shipping: People who order a certain quantity or spend over a specific amount get a discount

3. Percentage off: help your audience will save a few bucks with 1. single-use promo codes, customized for each shopper, 2. group promotions open to anyone (use generic codes like “SAVETODAY2020”), or 3. no code - discount applied automatically when added to cart.

🔵 Pick your Product Categories wisely;

🔵 Don't neglect Product Reviews;

🔵 Keep an eye on Time on Page and Bounce Rate;

🔵 Closely Monitor Product Availability;

🔵 Offer super fast Order Processing and Shipping;

🔵 Drive Traffic to your product page through social media and your website;

🔵 Pick an effective pricing strategy (preferably not by undercutting everyone).


Use Amazon PPC to run Pay Per Click campaigns that boost sales and improve your ranking.

Conduct comprehensive Keyword Research (use tools like Sonar, Merchant words, Helium 10 for keyword optimization).

Polish your Product Listing to perfection (Amazon search optimization of images, texts, product details, back-end).

Optimize the content by adding the best keywords in your title, bullet points, description, and the search terms field (do it naturally, without breaking the natural reading flow).


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