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Making It Work: Moving With Your New Business

When you’re a brand owner, it’s important to find a space that you feel matches your ambitions - this is true even if you’re working from home. Relocating the company and starting a business simultaneously, however, is no easy feat. If you want to get the balance right, you’ll need to plan carefully and keep on top of the schedule.

Finding a Property

There is no guidebook when it comes to finding the perfect home - that’s because everyone’s requirements are different. Take the time to understand yours and what you’d need to get operations off the ground. For example, as an Amazon seller, you might require a spare room or a location close to storage facilities. A home office may also prove vital for your business - try to find an area with fast WIFI connection, enough room for a desktop setup, and preferably some big windows to give your working space plenty of natural light.

Remote working has certainly expanded options in terms of locale, but that doesn’t mean you want to settle just anywhere. The ideal destination will place you within driving distance of relevant industry partners, suppliers, and major transport links (trains/planes) so that you can visit long-distance clients if your business expands. You may also find you benefit from operating close to simple amenities like shopping malls and supermarkets as these tend to attract a lot of footfall.

Securing a Property

Even if you have the dream property in your sights, locking things down is rarely simple. Before the search process is even underway, it will help if you’re able to get pre-approved for a mortgage - this means reaching an agreement with a lender before a property is found and a full application submitted. Although there are no guarantees, once a borrower has passed the initial Agreement In Principle (AIP) the process is more straightforward as you’ll know how much you can borrow. If you’re self-employed, it can help a lot to be organised - lenders will assess your last two years’ of accounts, HMRC tax overviews, evidence of guaranteed work or upcoming contracts, and retained profits.

You may find, as a new business owner, that your options are more limited in terms of what you can afford, in which case it can be worth looking into alternative property types. Buying a house as-is means the seller will not make the repairs, nor offer credits for any potential defects as they pertain to the property. This represents some risk but can considerably reduce the price of the building.

Running Business

Once a move is secured, it’s important that you adjust your business administration accordingly. If you’re based in an office, be certain to check your contract to ensure that you are legally permitted to quit the existing premises - you may even be eligible for rates relief. Check your balance sheet too, and factor in relocation expenses such as vehicles, packaging/storage, and any lost profits.

If you’ve already developed business relationships or a dependable network, it’s a good idea to send a notice of change of address to your affiliates. This is especially important if you have an established client base and your services require a physical presence or involve physical assets. It’s equally important to establish yourself as a local business wherever you’ve moved to, take the time to introduce yourself and your company to others in the area. Often, you’ll find you benefit from the exposure, even if the people you meet don’t become customers/partners.

If you’re moving and starting a business, that means there’s a lot of empty road ahead of you (literally) and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. It’s important, however, to remember that there is just as much exciting opportunity as there is room to fail and once you sit down to work, it’s all in your hands.

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Author: Lance Cody-Valdez of Free Lance Now.

*Image by Pexels


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