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SEOzon Prime Winner of UK Enterprise Award

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

SEOzon Prime wins Best Specialist eCommerce SEO Service of the Year in the 2020 UK Enterprise Awards, awarded by SME News magazine.

SEOzon Prime WINS Best Specialized eCommerce Copywriting and SEO Service at SME NEWS's 2020 Greater London Enterprise Awards
SEOzon Prime winner of Best Specialist eCommerce SEO Service at SME NEWS's 2020 UK Enterprise Awards

London, UK, October 2020 - We are delighted to announce that SEOzon Prime has been awarded “Best Specialist eCommerce SEO Service 2020” in the prestigious 2020 UK Enterprise Awards hosted by SME News.

The UK Enterprise Awards are based on strong evidence of extensive skills, expertise, outstanding customer feedback, exquisite service quality, exceptional online reputation, and dedication to client satisfaction and impeccable customer service, with an ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence demonstrated by the nominees. The awards are given solely on merit and are granted to commend those most deserving for their originality, passion, and hard work, distinguishing them from their competitors and proving them worthy of recognition.

According to SME News, “SEOzon Prime, like all of our victors, has demonstrated excellence, commitment, dedication even in the face of uncertainty. For this, we humbly commend you!”

Ina Ciobanu, SEOzon Prime mastermind, said: “We are immensely humbled, thrilled, and honoured to receive such an accolade, particularly amongst the high-calibre UK competition. We would like to express our infinite gratitude to the SME News judges for recognizing our continuous strive for excellence, and all our customers, partners, and collaborators. Without you, there would be no SEOzon Prime.” Check out the official recognition here.


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