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SEOzon Prime wins 2021 Global Business Insight Award

SEOzon Prime was selected as the Most Outstanding Specialist eCommerce SEO Service 2021 by the 2021 Global Business Insight Awards, which celebrates business leadership, innovation in finance and investment, and sector success across the world.

SEOzon Prime is extremely humbled and honored to receive such a prestigious title.

SEOzon Prime - Most Outstanding Specialist eCommerce SEO Service at 2021 Global Business Insight Awards

The Global Business Insight experts have recognized that SEOzon Prime's work ethics and years of passionate commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, success, and innovation have placed the startup at the pinnacle of its peers. This is already the exquisite Amazon copywriting and optimization service's 3rd award (and the first one received this year).

In 2020, SEOzon Prime won Best Specialist eCommerce SEO Service of the Year at the 2020 UK Enterprise Awards and Best Specialised eCommerce Copywriting & SEO Service of the Year at the 2020 Greater London Enterprise Awards, both awards presented by UK's SME News magazine.

What are the 2021 Global Business Insight Awards?

The 2021 Global Business Insight Awards are the accurate representation of the very best this competitive and essential industry has to offer. By focusing on a wide array of disciplines, every year, the GBI awards try to identify and celebrate the successful individuals and enterprises within the Business Insight umbrella. From Technology and Healthcare to Financial Services and Constructions – all business fields, domains, sectors, and company sizes are welcome, including individual recognition for outstanding performances. The GBI professional jury's intense and far-reaching research process always guarantees the exclusive selection of elite winners as recipients of the prestigious honors.

Who Judges the Awards?

The outstanding judges of the 2021 Global Business Insight Awards are diverse and highly experienced; the GBI awards panel is an elite group of transnational and multi-lingual appointed individuals whose backgrounds span a host of various disciplines such as mass-media, journalism, European languages, history, and business. Supervised up by a knowledgeable academic leader of intercontinental schooling who boasts numerous years of coaching practice and is up-to-date with the latest research practices as well as the verification of facts and facilitation, the panel is able to run unfailingly and proficiently, permanently certifying the undisputable weight of the GBI awards.

How was the GBI 2021 Winners' List Formulated?

Ensuring a neutral and valid award evaluation process is a key priority for the organizers, therefore votes are gathered all year-round through different digital channels and then appraised by employing a dynamic, well-organized, and transparent framework.

Nominated through a rightfully independent process, each of the winners is judiciously designated by the corporate community, raising the glory of these annual awards. Business leaders are acknowledged across a full spectrum of sectors and then judged in a wealthy range of categories.

For each of the awards programs, the GBI proficient research team utilizes both qualitative and quantitative studies. By thoroughly evaluating each business against an exact set of appraisal criteria, GBI has created a unique model which guarantees the results’ validity and reliability. The sub-criteria and criteria offer a robust set of requirements used as the main methodology.

The aim is to not only benchmark but also generate a relevant depth of understanding amidst the participating businesses, eventually enabling to ensure that the GBI awards fully capture different dimensions of the same phenomenon.

A screenshot of the announcement email received from Global Business Insight's Charlotte Abbott.
A screenshot of the official announcement email received from Global Business Insight's Charlotte Abbott.

Once again, a massive thank you to all our loyal customers for believing in our premium service and sticking with us in the past 3+ years. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ina (SEOzon Prime)


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