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Cool FREE Tool Alert: Title Builder for SEO Product Listing Optimization

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Product title generator for listings that convert
A shortcut you might want to consider if you want a top ranking Title for your product listings

Optimizing an entire Amazon product page can take a good few hours. My first listing optimization took 2 days because the process was so complicated and I kept on messing up the steps. Well, I'm not proud of that, but every beginning has its magic...or end :).

Enough with that.

But what if you're on a low budget and you can't afford to hire an Amazon expert to optimize listings for you? OR, what if you want to take a shortcut and do it quickly, without getting too dirty..." excel sheets"-dirty?

Well, I came across this #CoolTool and I thought of sharing it with you.

It's called the Title Builder and although it's based on eBay, I think it's pretty accurate (up to an 80-90 % from my estimations) for a free tool. Plus, it saves you so much time, especially if you just want to take the shortest way to optimize your Product listing title (on Amazon, eBay, Etsy or in any other online store).

I've tested it for a few products I've optimized for my clients and surprisingly enough, it got me the top ranking keywords in a few seconds. If you want to create high-performing titles for hundreds of products in the shortest possible time, without the sweat and tears, this gimmick could simply work.

  • It fetches the hottest and the best keywords for your items

  • It's easy to use (based on a 1-click action)

  • Uses an algorithm based on millions of searches worldwide

  • Can be narrowed down to analyze most searched terms from a single country/market

  • 50-75% of its keywords are completely usable in your product listings.

Impressive, right? For a free tool, I couldn't ask for more, really.

On top of this, the Title Builder page does more than just creating a Title from scratch, based on your input - it also suggests the Product Categories where you can list your merchandise. Plus, you get a listing preview snippet so you can see how your title looks like online.

3 Steps to Generate an SEO-optimized Product Page Title

To create or optimize your product title:

2. Type up to 4 keywords you're targeting, or simply describe your product if you're an SEO newbie. Still, on this screen, you can select the market where you're selling, to have a more accurate picture of the search terms used:

3. Hit "Enter" and you're through.

Your title will be displayed like this:

You have the product categories, as well as a list of competitive and not-so-competitive keywords you can use. The result it not ideal, but it's definitely an improvement. And it took seconds.

Based on my own research for a client in this niche, and according to my competitive analysis, the most frequent keywords used in a title are: address (frequency = 18) sign (frequency = 12) plaque (frequency = 10) house custom home number yard USA reflective arch metal double side personalize park day/night cast name handcraft (frequency = 3).

The Title Optimizer Scans and Fixes Listing Titles

On tops of this, you can try the eBay Title Optimizer which will scan and fix your product titles, also helping you understand (through visual representation) the keywords score, their visibility, and their search volumes (don't expect accurate numbers, just some simple, yet suggestive graphs).

I haven't signed up for the free trial, but I see they're also:

  • promising a Title Audit tool which scores titles based on the keywords used

  • suggesting new relevant keywords you can add to your product listing's title

  • cleaning up your headline from symbols or redundant keywords.

If you're feeling adventurous and you want to take optimisation matters in your own hands, and go deeper, you could try it.

Just bear in mind that this "quick fix" is based on Ebay, not Amazon SEO, so if you're after a 100% Amazonesque ranking and conversion goal, you might be interested in more elaborate tools and invest more time and money in keyword research (by using Merchant words or Sonar from Sellics, for instance).

Well, I hope this helped. If you have further suggestions for similar tools, feel free to share them in a comment or email us at and we'll update the post.

For other tips & tricks, check out other blog posts here, OR, if you've decided to save some time and focus on other things, hire us to do the heavy-lifting SEO writing for you.


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