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SEOzon Prime Winner at Global Awards 2021-2022 Corporate LiveWire

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

SEOzon Prime was named "Listing Optimisation Service of the Year" at Global Awards 2021-2022 Corporate LiveWire.

Once again, SEOzon Prime has been recognized as an industry leader, this time at the Corporate LiveWire Global Awards.

The London-based Amazon copywriting service, founded in 2018, specializes in providing the most creative and keyword-optimized copy for Amazon product pages to sellers all over the globe.

Since the Corporate LiveWire Awards embody the pinnacle of business achievement, championing the best service providers in their respective fields, it’s no surprise that SEOzon Prime was declared “Listing Optimisation Service of the Year.”

With dozens of thousands of entries received globally, SEOzon Prime’s founder and mastermind Ina Ciobanu was thrilled to retain the title.

She said: “As the pandemic hit hard across all sectors, all of us had to reconfigure and swiftly adapt our usual processes. For SEOzon Prime this was a chance to get much closer to our clients, improve our investigation techniques and eventually deliver a state-of-the-art work that contributed to our customers’ success by boosting their Amazon sales.”

“Receiving the title of Listing Optimisation Service of the Year has been an incredible achievement which echoes SEOzon Prime’ the hard work in such extraordinary times.”

About The Corporate LiveWire Global Awards

The Corporate LiveWire platform provides individuals and business professionals in the corporate sector with information on the latest news and developments from around the world. The Global Awards covers businesses of every type that have proven their indisputable excellence throughout the year and years past.

The Corporate LiveWire Global Awards recognizes excellence from all sectors while offering the opportunity for leading companies and professionals and who have stood out for being innovative, results-driven, and service-focused to showcase their proficiency, and highlight progresses in their industry.

The confirmation email received by senior copywriter Ina Ciobanu for SEOzon Prime's new award


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