The Ultimate Guide To Higher Amazon Ranking

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Did you know that 70% of Amazon buyers don't scroll past the 1st page of results?

Statistics show that on Amazon, the first 3 product listings fuel 65% of every eCommerce business. No wonder all Amazon sellers seek to rank on the 1st page, right? To get it right, let's see what's the story with Amazon’s search algorithm ( known as “A9”).

Which are the 21 Amazon Ranking Factors
Only by working on all 21 Amazon Ranking Factors you can achieve sustained Amazon success

What is Amazon’s Product Search Algorithm (A9)?

Created in 2003, the Amazon product search algorithm differs from Google’s because it's focused on delivering a better user experience by placing the right products, at the right time in front of the right buyers.

We’ve discussed this topic before here, so, long story short: when an Amazon customer searches for an item on Amazon, results are “picked” via a 2-step process:

Step 1. The A9 algorithm pulls relevant products from the online catalog

Step 2. A9 ranks them according to their relevance.

Now since Amazon seeks to get the best customer experience while maximizing its profits/customer, it’s gonna use a mix of “programmatic analysis, human judgments, performance metrics, and key business metrics” to do just that.

To rank higher on Amazon, it’s important to know how the Amazon A9 search engine works.

The 3 Main Types of Ranking Factors of the A9 Algorithm

🔵 Conversion rate – reviews, price, and image quality directly affect conversion.

🔵 Relevancy – if your product page is not relevant, your product can’t rank higher

🔵 Customer satisfaction and loyalty – feedback reflects if AND HOW your promise is delivered to your customers. Great Amazon reviews PLUS return customers lead to spectacular sales, and further, to a higher ranking.

How to Improve Your Ranking by Optimizing all 21 Amazon Ranking Factors?

We've taken all 21 factors that influence Amazon A9’s ranking (therefore, your search visibility on Amazon) and made an all-inclusive list of "white hat" tips and tricks that will help your product page perform better in searches.

1. Get More Customer Reviews

92% of consumers trust in peer reviews over any other kind of brand advertising. (Nielsen)

The number of great product reviews is the most important ranking factor and fuels your rating. Why reviews matter on Amazon? They're extremely important for 1. building trust in your products. 2. discoverability 3. conversion rates. The social proof of positive reviews triggers the purchase decision for many online shoppers.

#DidYouKnowThat Amazon uses the frequency of negative seller feedback frequency as a factor in assigning the buy box? This also impacts your product visibility in search results lists. You can also count on positive reviews to improve your conversion rates.

Every single review can make a huge difference. But how to get them? The short answer? Emails! The longer answer? Use automated email templates and just ask your customers to leave an honest review if they feel like it. So here's exactly what you could do to improve your ranking through real Amazon reviews:

A. Connect with your customers through EMAILS - yes, the good, old email really works, folks!

64% of AMZ online shoppers consider shipping confirmations and other transactional emails the most valuable messages they receive. (Litmus)

Emails will not send ALL your buyers' happiness through the roof, still, for many of them they're powerful, they'll create a special bond and they'll lead to a better review count, increased customer satisfaction, and enhanced brand awareness. Show them you care with 6 types of emails: Shipped Email, Review Email; Returned Email; Delivered Email; Feedback Email, and Refunded Email.

To make it easier for you, we drafted some samples you're free to use:

"Shipped Confirmation Email" template


Subject: Great news! Your [PRODUCT SHORT NAME] is on its way!


I’m [SENDER NAME] from [BRAND NAME]. I wanted to reach out and personally thank you for your purchase! Now, as we’ve just shipped out your order, expect it to arrive on [ESTIMATED ARRIVAL DATE].

Order Summary: Order #: Order date: Order total:

Shipping Address:

You can always check on delivery progress in real-time, 24/7, by clicking on the button below:


If you have any questions or concerns, just reply to this email or click this contact link: [INSERT CONTACT LINK] and I'll be happy to help!

Cheers & have a great day!



"Delivered Email" template _________________________

Subject: Amazon Delivery Confirmation for [BRAND NAME] [PRODUCT SHORT NAME]


[SENDER NAME] here again, from [BRAND NAME]. I was notified your order has been delivered.

If it’s damaged or incorrect, or if you have further questions, please, feel free to let me know by replying to this email or by just clicking here: [contact link].

We’ll sort it right away. We’re here to make sure your experience with our products is always great and your satisfaction is 100%.

I hope you get the best use out of your new [PRODUCT SHORTNAME].

Cheers & have a great day!



As you can see, we're already trying to prevent bad reviews by asking them to report any problems so we can solve them. The earlier we find about any issues, the better we can take care of them and reduce your customers' frustration that could lead to poor reviews.

B. Surprise them with PRODUCT INSERTS

Product Inserts are small printed cards or booklets (the size of a postcard or Business card) added by sellers in every Amazon package for marketing purposes.

Packaging inserts act as "brand reminders" and make the difference between "boring" and "wow, how nice of them." It's a thoughtful gesture that shows which sellers care about their buyers beyond the delivery. Use product inserts to build a positive mindset (which subconsciously encourages people to leave good reviews, and help customers see your product, brand, or company) in a great light. Hello, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty!

Step 1. Show your appreciation and thank your customer for buying your product.

Step 2. List your product's main benefits to remind the customer WHY your product is amazing and why they chose it in the first place (this might get them in