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Amazon Listing Optimization Services

Come with us if you want to sell more.
What we do 
What we do

Are you an Amazon FBA seller or vendor? You have the products, now you need people to find them and buy them. We write SEO-optimized Amazon listings that make sales happen. As simple as that.

How we do it

We take a deep dive into keyword analysis for you by using specialized Amazon SEO tools. Then we write great listings (Title, Features, Product Description and Search Terms). The kind of content that’s persuasive enough to win your customers’ hearts and… money.


Georgina M. (US) top brand, Electronics & Photo


Ina and her team from SEOzonPrime completed the work well, fast and excellent. Will cooperate with them again very soon.

Marion B. (UK) international seller, Toys & Games


I have asked some successful sellers to help me review your work. This is an amazing work as per their feedback. Thank you so much!”

Ryan V. (Canada) global seller, Home & Kitchen


"Just a quick thanks, guys. My listing has just shot up the rankings and sales are way up! I'm over the moon."

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SEOzon Prime Trustpilot page
  • What is SEOzonPrime?
    SEOzon prime is an Amazon Listing Optimization service based in London, Uk. We’re a team of SEO nerds and creative content writers who love their job. We write great copy that sells your products without sounding salesy (unless you want it to). It took us some years to learn the magic of algorithms, SEO and persuasive product descriptions. If you want to skip the learning process and free up some valuable time, hire us to optimize your Amazon listings texts.
  • What’s your service?
    In a few words, we either write your product listings from scratch or we upgrade your existing Amazon listings so that they rank higher in Amazon search results. The higher they rank, the more visitors you’ll get. Once they’ll read the new product descriptions, they’ll be convinced to click on the “Add to cart” button. How come? Well, our writing mixes the Science of in-depth SEO research with the Art of persuasive writing for real people with feelings, not robots. So far, we’ve optimized over 100 ASINs. We received great feedback and we thought “Hey, we’re really good at this!”. So here we are.
  • What's the price for 1 ASIN text optimization?
    It’s just $299. A small, one-time investment that can generate a lifetime of increased sales and revenue. Ka-Ching!
  • What exactly do I get for my $299?
    You receive from SEOzonPrime all the text content for one Amazon product. This includes: Amazon SEO-friendly Listing Title 5 compelling Features/Bullet Points Full-length (2,000 characters) Product Description (HTML or Enhanced Brand Content – you choose) Backend Search Terms The Amazon Keyword research we completed for your future reference. All SEO-enhanced, ready to push your product up high in the search results list, generate more traffic and convince people to buy it.
  • How long does it take?
    Maximum 10 working days. If you need your optimized content sooner (in 24 or 48 hours), do let us know and we’ll do our best. We promise.
  • Are you delivering the HTML as well or do I have to convert it myself?
    Yes. We deliver the Product Description already converted to HTML. You just have to copy paste the code on Amazon.
  • Do you write Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?
    Yes. Just make sure you qualify for it and don’t forget to mention you want EBC content in the questionnaire we send you. Let us know which EBC template you’ll be using so we can create the right headers and text blocks.
  • I haven’t launched yet. Can you write my listings from scratch?
    Yes, of course! Just fill in the questionnaire we send you after you place your order and tell us everything about your product. We’ll make sure you’ll kick off with the best possible content.
  • What about product variations?
    The optimization for 1 ASIN is $499. For small variations of the same product (style, color, size) most sellers order one Optimization, then they edit themselves the content here and there. If the differences between products are significant, we recommend ordering optimizations for each of them. It’s entirely up to you, your budget and how much time you have to spend on this.
  • Can I see some listings you optimized?
    Sure. Just click on the "see writing sample" button on or email us at and we'll send you some samples we wrote. Please, mention your product (category). Thank you.
  • Do you have to log in and set up the listing for me?
    No. We’ll give you the texts and you’ll have to just copy paste them yourself after you log in to your Amazon account.
  • Do you do revisions?
    Yes. We guarantee unlimited revisions, based on articulate, logical requests. We want all our clients to be 100% happy with our work.
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